Pig Breeding


Over 12 years, several South Africa pig farmers become successful and independent and South Africa is reaping benefits of growing pig production market even if there are challenges.

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Pig Farrowing Crate

Pig farrowing pen is a specially-designed facility used in pig operation to facilitate sow farrowing. It provides sows with comfort and piglets with safety to maintain good performance of pigs.

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The Important Role of Water

Water can be used for pig farm cleaning, thermoregulation, and watering, which are important to good pig performance. Since water is vital in pig operation, water conversation is essential for sustainable pig industry

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Pig Farming Style

Learn about different kinds of pig farming styles and choose the right one to help you with the great pig farming quality. Free range pig farming, stall free pig farming, indoor intensive pig farming, which one is suitable for you? Find the answer!

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